What’s the plan, boss? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Coalition claims the budget sets out their plan for the nation, so what is that plan? To address cost of living pressures, millions of people will be given a one-off few hundred dollars and a temporary reduction in petrol prices. No permanent increase to pensions or Jobseeker. No support for an increase to the minimum wage. Nothing to address unaffordable housing and childcare. To address climate change, we will increase our exports of “cleaner” coal and pin our future on gas, carbon capture and storage, and buying carbon credits. No plan to genuinely cut emissions. No risk assessment of potentially stranded assets. No commitment to, or recognition of, the global effort to keep heating below 1.5 degrees. To address the aged care crisis, a few hundred million will be spent on improving medication management. No increase in wages for aged care workers. No mandated staff to resident ratio. No requirement for specifically trained staff. To address national security, we will spend hundreds of billions on war toys that won’t arrive for decades, recruit more personnel, who also won’t materialise for decades, and join the dirty world of cyber and space warfare. No thought of the value of soft diplomacy or being a responsible, respectful, reliable global citizen – it’s all about military ‘alliances’.

Source: What’s the plan, boss? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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