Sleeping rough – all these years and nothing has changed – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Being an idiot for Tony Abbott is a lifestyle choice being homeless isn’t

There is no local plan for those that are homeless, although council is prepared to share links. That does very little for a man that is homeless in the early hours of the morning! To get anything done out here requires access to transport, access to the Internet. Heaven forfends my few ‘possessions’ were left unguarded at a railway station if I sought to take a train into the city; there are no lockers although there is a secure place for bikes at the Boronia Railway Station. The other man was desperately trying to get two dollars for a cuppa and is sleeping on the ground, in a car park that belongs to a shop; he had more serious problems than mine. Homelessness is not an issue, it’s a crisis! I repeated something I did a few months ago, something I experienced a few years ago. After all the reports, after all the academic insights and opinions there is a serious national crisis that is not even being talked about in a realistic way. Maybe that is the way things are done. Lots of talk, glossy magazines and self-promoting publications giving the appearance of change whilst changing nothing.

Source: Sleeping rough – all these years and nothing has changed – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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