Budget to provide practical household help – Michael West Media

But we won’t be opting for an improvement in wages, pensions or welfare in the long term and will keep a tight grip on any public sector union growth by privatizing and outsourcing and shrinking it in order to keep better worker conditions from rising. We will appoint politically biased department heads of our choosing along with government advisers and spin doctors at the highest wage levels to ensure our desired outcomes are met. The problem is Australians expect too much government action in their favor when 50% don’t even vote for us.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says his fourth budget will provide practical measures to ease cost of living pressures, as the government gears up for a federal election in May. While he was light on detail in a series of television interviews on Sunday, Mr Frydenberg said Tuesday’s budget will contain responsible and practical measures, and he does not expect it will add to prevailing inflation pressures. “There will be a number of measures in the budget that go to the heart of the cost of living issue,” Mr Frydenberg told ABC television.

Source: Budget to provide practical household help – Michael West Media

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