Scott Morrison and Brian Houston: paying the wages of sin

Morrison has proved he’s the worst judge of the character of any PM on record. His best friends who he employed and holidayed with were fanatical QAnon members. While Brian Houston, the corrupt leader of Hillsong, was up close and personal with Morrison who was trying to get him a ticket to Trump’s White House dinner. Scotty from Marketing was far closer to Trump than Biden and he totally pissed off the French President without a care. A totally transactional man our PM was cocked and ready to take the LNP to the right of Putin if it guaranteed him votes he needed to stay in power. He thinks Australia didn’t notice his fake empathy when televised through a very narrow security in Lismore when his security kept thosr damn people away .

For years Scott Morrison has publicly praised Brian Houston and cultivated links with Hillsong. Now that the Pentecostalist leader has been forced out in disgrace, the PM has nowhere to hide.

Source: Scott Morrison and Brian Houston: paying the wages of sin

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