Tucker Carlson Plays Victim After Deemed ‘Essential’ To Russia Propaganda – NewsHounds

OMG gamergate employed the strategies Carlson copies today. They did it to dis feminists, in the gaming community back in 2008. Steve Bannon applied the same strategies and linked them to e-zine Breitbart and then in 2017 along came QAnon who adopted the same tactics and applied them to conspiracy message boards where fact based narratives weren’t needed only attack “swarms” were.

Should we be surprised that devotees like Alex Jones’s Info Wars,Bannon and Murdoch linked up and applied the same tactics to their business models? Trump certainly loved the “swarm” and the gift given him by Bannon and became a Twitter devotee. Moderate ex-Republicans like the Lincoln Project claim the Right-Wing have adopted and applied the theories of Cultural Marxism to bring down American Democracy.Where if you change the cultural narrative and you’ll change the course of politics. Marshal McCluhan predicted it in the 70s and it’s digital age on steroids, psychos have taken control of the message and facts aren’t necessary. It’s why Bannon has been called a Leninist by once Republicans and now anti-Trumpists the Lincoln Project. The simply want to bring down the structure of government in America. So shouldn’t Murdoch, Carlson Ingraham and Fox News be too? Along with Bannon, Trump and and a cast of others they gave birth to “Fake News”. Murdoch made opinion, factless narrative and called it News and it’s why Tucker Carlson is now Putin’s boy and a 5th columnist in the USA today.

The Left simply don’t own the technology and seem to have had the rug pulled out from under them. Where are ANTIFA,the BLM the real  Woke critics of systemic oppression in America? They have been drowned out their voice stolen by the swarm of white, nationalist, racists,and conspiracy fruit cakes who like Tucker Carlson echo reverse victimhood mega cultural conspiracies like pizzagate as truth rather than any fact based news and reality.

Sorry, Tuckums, but if you don’t like being viewed as an enemy of America, you need to stop acting like one. And that’s not just about Russia, either. You can watch #TraitorTucker Carlson lash out at Americans but fail to distance himself from Kremlin propaganda below, from the March 14, 2022 Tucker Carlson Tonight. Underneath is David Corn discussing the Kremlin memos, from MSNBC’s March 14, 2022 The ReidOut.

Source: Tucker Carlson Plays Victim After Deemed ‘Essential’ To Russia Propaganda – NewsHounds

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