Michael Pascoe: Scott Morrison set precedent for carbon levy

carbon levy

Doublespeak : “This isn’t a Carbon Tax”, Just as the  “No cuts to the ABC”. Morrison the Ad man spends more time with his spin doctors, playing with words than he actually does doing the things he was elected to do. Because actually doing things might seem as if he’s riding on the coattails of the ALP

There is a recent precedent for the federal government to introduce a $1-a-tonne levy on fossil fuels – and it was set by Scott Morrison. As Treasurer in 2017, Mr Morrison successfully legislated a new industry-specific tax he forecast to collect $6.2 billion over four years. Of course he did not call it a “tax” – governments are rather allergic to that word, much preferring fee/levy/surcharge/toll or whatever other euphemism comes to mind. In this case, it was called the Major Bank Levy.

Source: Michael Pascoe: Scott Morrison set precedent for carbon levy

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