Five years on, Snowy 2.0 emerges as a $10 billion white elephant

Snowy Hydro 2.0 ... it’s an uphill climb for the water pumped from the the Talbingo Reservoir.
Three life-size white elephant statues in Royal Flora Expo in Chiang Mai  Thailand Stock Photo - Alamy

The LNP delivering yet another FAILURE. A Herd of White Elephants,

The nation-building vision was for a big battery to be added to the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. It was to be completed in four years (that is, by last year) at a cost of $2 billion without any taxpayer subsidy, bring down electricity prices, generate renewable energy and incur minimal environmental impact on Kosciuszko National Park. Inspiring stuff. But not one of these grand claims has turned out to be true. Worse, Australian taxpayers and NSW electricity consumers will be up for billions of dollars in subsidies and increased electricity costs, all while Kosciuszko is trashed. Let’s have a quick recap.

Source: Five years on, Snowy 2.0 emerges as a $10 billion white elephant

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