Moscow blames U.S. for “economic war” |

 (Getty/Photo Montage by Salon)

There are no micro parts to WAR war is war a macro event and on this scale the bombing of hospitals, the  invading of nations with tanks, planes, and bombs isn’t subtle it’s physical, and it’s WAR.  In this war economic retaliation is a consequence it’s not the cause. Russian propaganda might well have a domestic impact in Russia but it certainly hasn’t had one on the world at large. Putin is losing the propaganda war too. Besides Putin wants the Ukraine for the economic benefit of Russia too.

Russia is the global pariah and Putin stands alone naked without clothes no matter the cons he accuses other countries of. Their united response which, by and large, in this case is for the common good and not just for the benefit of Oligarchs and a steroid bent ex-KGB autocrat. Neither Dmitry Peskov nor Putin speak for the Russian people anymore who have been cut off from the global REALITY, NEWS AND INFORMATION.

Amid concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deadly invasion of Ukraine could lead to a wider war, the Kremlin on Wednesday accused the United States government of waging economic warfare. “The U.S., undoubtedly, declared an economic war against Russia and they are waging this war. Yes, de facto this is exactly what it is,” said Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson.

Source: Moscow blames U.S. for “economic war” |

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