Russia’s Leverage over Israel in the Ukraine Crisis

Although the U.S. gives Israel billions every year, Tel Aviv either declines to or has been unable to offer the U.S. very much in return. It may offer some intelligence, but it was the Syrian Kurds and the Iraqi Shiites who helped the US defeat ISIL, for instance. Article continues after bonus IC video WION: “Israel PM Bennett holds talks with Russian President Putin & Ukraine President Zelensky amid crisis” Only after vigorous US lobbying did Israel even decide to vote against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the UN General Assembly. The US also convinced Israel to lobby the United Arab Emirates, which has extensive business ties to Russia, to vote against Moscow, as well. It is possible that the far-right Bennett also is wary of the precedent of boycotting aggressor states who invade and occupy their neighbors, since most of the world views Israel’s seizure and occupation of the Palestinian Territories in 1967 in the same light that they view Putin in Ukraine. Anyway, a vote at the UN General Assembly is pretty toothless.

Source: Russia’s Leverage over Israel in the Ukraine Crisis

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