Morrison roasted after British broadcaster’s ill-timed happy snap

This week, last week, no matter what week, Morrison gave 45 minutes of his personally very busy,and valuable time to Murdoch’s new star, and employee to be, on Sky News Pierce Morgan. Morrison had no time for the women of Australia who wanted to meet with him last year. He was “too busy”. No time for Brittany Higgins, and only forced time with Grace Tame which he wished never happened. There was plenty of time for his own 60 Minute Show being glorified by wife Jen of course.

Scott Morrison showed proof positive that he was subservient to Rupert Murdoch his puppet master but always the,lights and cameras. “Are you ready Mr  Morrison Lights Cameras action”  He’s our own  political Gloria Swanson totally self-interested and absorbed with no time available for his constituents unless they’re useful extras in one of endless photo-shoots.

The happy snap sparked an immediate barrage of criticism online. That prompted a hasty clarification from Morgan that the photo – despite being posted on Monday morning – was actually taken last week.“Here’s me with Labor leader & wannabe PM ⁦Anthony Albanese the night before. Both meetings occurred before Ukraine invasion & Queensland floods… so cool your indignant jets, Oz media,” he followed up later on Monday.Morgan and Mr Albanese reportedly met at a Sky News bash last week.

Source: Morrison roasted after British broadcaster’s ill-timed happy snap

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