Stop Pretending the Left Is on Putin’s Side

Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison slag Albo off as a red under the bed, Yet, the ALP don’t cozy up to Murdoch’s global propaganda empire which is currently Russia’s State Media in America. They’re the biggest platform and supportive voice for Putin and his lover DJ Trump in the U.S. Murdoch isn’t the ALP’s PR agent in Australia and hasn’r invested vast amounts of money with them as they have L-NP  in Australia. Has anyone noticed Scott Morrison banned 25 Russians from coming here but is spending some part of a $680 Mill  advertising war chest with Russian supporter Murdoch Media?

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is based on obviously reactionary pretexts. The Left has nothing to do with his agenda — and should make no apologies for opposing a US military response.

Source: Stop Pretending the Left Is on Putin’s Side

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