Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Backs ‘Anti-Woke’ Vladimir Putin

Steve Bannon Vladimir Putin anti-woke LGBTQ Russia

Leninist and advisor to Trump is solely intent on tearing down America’s political and bureaucratic institutions the foundation on which the great 450-year American experiment of Democracy was built. Bannon is no Marxist or Socialist who believe in a greater and common good, but only in creating chaos for the purpose of oligarchic and complete totalitarian rule. Needless to say he like Trump loves Putin. If either he or Trump did what they are doing inAmerica in Russian Putinania they’d be assassinated or sitting in a Gulag like Putin’s opposition Navalny. Yes, American Democracy is flawed in so many ways it’s what allows these maggots the freedom but spends  millions hunting down Julian Assange.

Steve Bannon, former advisor to ex-President Donald Trump, said Americans should support “anti-woke” Russian President Vladimir Putin because of Putin’s long history of anti-LGBTQ politics. Bannon praised Putin several hours before the Russian leader launched an invasion of Ukraine. His commendation followed accolades for Putin from Trump and other conservatives. “Putin ain’t woke. He is anti-woke,” Bannon said to private military contractor Erik Prince during the Wednesday broadcast of War Room, Bannon’s show on Real America’s Voice, a right-leaning media network.

Source: Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Backs ‘Anti-Woke’ Vladimir Putin

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