Government advised to accept ‘sunk’ NBN costs

Remember the LNP and the “no interference in the “free market”. Now they expect us to pay for their mistakes. It’s called a INDIRECT SNEAK TAX don’t you think?

The Government has ordered NBN Co to recoup all of those losses through the subscription prices to the users. In the end, the NBN users are paying for party politicking that has been taking place over the last decade.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims has mentioned during a recent Senate Inquiry that it would be “bad economics” to seek to recover “every last dollar spent” on the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

He clarified:

“Obviously, the NBN was built by the Government and now that it’s built, I think it’s appropriate to treat its costs as sunk — what matters for Australia is getting the best use out of the NBN.”


Source: Government advised to accept ‘sunk’ NBN costs

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