The Oz publishes ‘exclusive’ on red Albo as Save Our ScoMo hits top gear

OK, so this is getting serious. Save Our ScoMo is officially in full swing. Over at News Corp HQ, gun investigations editor Sharri Markson pulled out an exclusive for the ages today (the ages being the operative word). It also ranks as one of the most dishonest pieces of journalism you will ever see.

A 2022 “reds under the bed” campaign based on comments made 31 years ago and deceptively presented as new in your national broadsheet. 

The Australian‘s 31-year-old “exclusive” was, naturally, backed up with quotes from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who it appears is more than happy to play along.

Meanwhile, over at Nine, the Morrison spin machine is in top gear with an “at home with the Morrisons” piece on 60 Minutes coming up. “After [one of] his toughest weeks in the top job, the prime minister fights back with his secret weapon,” says the promo. “Sunday on 60 Minutes: can Jenny Morrison save her husband’s career?”

When in strife, call the wife. That, it would appear, is the Morrison maxim. Jenny Morrison was a hit on the campaign trail last time around. And this time Jenny is an even more potent weapon: Albanese, of course, is a man sans wife and school-aged kids.

Source: The Oz publishes ‘exclusive’ on red Albo as Save Our ScoMo hits top gear