Morrison’s misogyny continues despite apology

For Morrison “Style is Meaning” ” “Seeming”  more important than “Doing”

Despite his apology in Parliament, Scott Morrison has not changed and continues to behave in the same toxic and misogynistic manner that he always has, writes Hayden O’Connor.

* CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape

As recommended by the Jenkins Review, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered an acknowledgement and apology to those who have been victims of bullying, sexual harassment and assault whilst working in our Federal Parliament. Apologies are nice but actions speak louder than words and Scott Morrison’s actions continue to prove that he is a heartless, self-centred misogynist. The Prime Minister’s words are at best meaningless, at worse complete lies and his apology is simply a calculated political decision. (POSTURING)

Source: Morrison’s misogyny continues despite apology

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  1. I do know that thanks to KRudd, and sympathetic media, you won’t hear a Labor politician out of line or they’re out on their backsides. I hear enough from misandrist women every other day, to convince me that the term may be dead but not the mudslinging.


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