Almost half of aged care homes waiting for boosters amid 500 outbreaks

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The Morrison “plans” don’t fly!! “Gunna Scott Morrison PM” does it again and again and again. He fails!! Fails to deliver on his god damned ever changing plans.

He called the ALP incompetent back in 2013 “for Pink Bats” ” for a Government debt 1/3rd of today’s”  “for Saving us from the GFC” and “for making us the world’s best economy” Our media buries that historical news today with their hands out hoping for the promised rewards the cashed-up LNP has. A political war chest x 5-10 times that of the ALPs ready to be distributed via ads like Harvey Norman’s JobKeeper bonus has been. Corporate Socialism was Mussolini’s idea of Fascism too.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has blasted the Coalition government for overseeing a COVID “crisis” in aged care, with barely half of Commonwealth facilities having received vaccine booster shots so far and hundreds of homes battling active outbreaks. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said 1500 of the nation’s 2600 Commonwealth aged-care facilities had received vaccine boosters, with the remainder scheduled to receive them by the end of January. But with hundreds of homes battling outbreaks and thousands of residents in effective lockdown, Mr Albanese claimed the Morrison government had dropped the ball. “How is it that in spite of what has occurred before, the aged-care system, which is run, funded and regulated by the federal government, still hasn’t got this right?” the Labor leader said. “It’s something that should just not have happened. It could have been foreseen.”

Source: Almost half of aged care homes waiting for boosters amid 500 outbreaks