Government COVID response a series of policy failure

While the rest of the anglo world eg the UK is issued “free” Rats Morrison has withheld doing the same,why? Simply because self-testing programs would have revealed even more Covid cases numbers in the community amplifying his failure to act. Morrison is the living example of President Meryl Streep in “Don’t Look Up”.

A vaccination program could have occurred in the first half of 2021 in anticipation of an expected winter wave of the virus. Yet by September, only one-third of the population over 16 had been fully vaccinated. We vaccinated too late for the arrival of Delta. Similarly, we knew that the Omicron variant would arrive here in December. We could have fast tracked the booster program and not closed the vaccination centres over the Christmas-new year period. We could have reduced the time between the second and third doses earlier. We failed to anticipate what could have been anticipated.

Source: Government COVID response a series of policy failure

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