PM defends ‘big money’ jab at independents

Scott Morrison says his claims some independents are backed by 'big money' are not hypocritical.

Morrison tries to run an equivalence argument when it comes to Independents, claiming their funding is the same, and bad people are found on both sides. Yet the LNP hides over 33% of the donations that come their way. Nor does he mention the $80M being spent by Palmer to simply get 5% of the vote and preference the LNP. Furthermore, nothing is said about any other indirect corporate donations like sponsoring meet and greet functions to collect money.  “Transactional advertorials” aren’t news buy time space and propaganda provided by Murdoch, Peter Costello and Kerry Stokes designed to pollute and create a biased LNP atmosphere. While, we hear his constant complaints about the ABC whose charter is to hold all governments to account and test the veracity whether LNP or ALP of what’s being said for the benefit of all of us.

Easy money comes in the way of these indirect transactional deals. Cash flows from the top down in the form of vested interests and not from the bottom up and it’s patently clear it doesn’t flow in equal quantity to the ALP whether they are in government or not, and which is constantly battling with one arm tied behind its back. The LNP as a government has to pay and that’s reflected in their 200% increase in operational debt and the highest historical taxes demanded of us resulting in wages in hand not growing for over 25 years?

Mr Morrison said he was calling independents out when questioned over whether people could change their political stripes, such as former Liberal MP Craig Kelly quitting the party and joining Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

Source: PM defends ‘big money’ jab at independents

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