A most moral violence

Soldiers from the Kfir Brigade at an IDF swearing-in ceremony at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, December 24, 2015. (Israel Defense Forces/CC BY-NC 2.0)

Where no moral justification exists but where it is manufactured. Israel’s Shame. Israel supports despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia supplying them with the spyware and logistics that saw the assasination Jamal Kashoggi and bombing of Yemen. It supplies and suoports African despots in their most immoral violence.

Two complementary projects lie at the heart of the status quo: Israel’s military control over nearly five million Palestinians in the occupied territories, and the gradual colonization of the West Bank. Technically, Israel views the West Bank as “disputed” rather than occupied, and, since the 2005 disengagement, Israelis no longer believe Gaza to be under Israeli occupation. Yet in practice, the Israeli military controls both.

Source: A most moral violence

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