Year of the RAT: Positive results for rapid test entrepreneurs

Nightclub owner Martha Tsamis set up a medical supplies business that has sold more than 800,000 rapid antigen tests since October.

State and federal governments may be scrambling to secure rapid antigen tests to ease the burden on PCR testing, but several Melbourne businesses recognised the potential of the fast-acting and relatively inexpensive technology months ago. Nightclub owner Martha Tsamis has sold more than 800,000 of the 15-minute tests since October, when she negotiated distribution deals with manufacturers in Australia, China and South Korea. Ms Tsamis had originally bought a few thousand rapid antigen tests for staff and patrons of her late-night venues Chasers in South Yarra and Inflation in the CBD. Now, her new business Oz Medical employs seven full-time staff and supplies thousands of the tests to every Australian state – other than Western Australia, where they remain prohibited.

Source: Year of the RAT: Positive results for rapid test entrepreneurs