Michael Pascoe: Morrison confirms election tactics of lie, deny and deflect

election tactics

He says he doesn’t hold the hose. He is the hose and nothing goes past him. Morrison is who JFK directed not to ask “what will my country do for me” but “what can I do for my country”

The degradation of Australian politics continued this week with the Prime Minister doubling down on his core campaign tactics as he raised a middle digit to the concept of integrity in the use of public funds. Confronted yet again with evidence of corrupt use of government grants, Scott Morrison stuck with the strategy he, his ministers and backbenchers have used ever since his #sportsrorts hit the Auditor-General. Mr Morrison told the National Press Club 23 months ago that there was absolutely nothing wrong with corrupting community sports grants for partisan political purposes, nothing wrong with misleading hundreds of community sporting clubs, nothing wrong with wasting the time of thousands of volunteers applying for funds that would not be granted on merit. “How good are sports rorts?” he may as well have shouted, never mind The New Daily’s collaboration with spreadsheet supersleuth Vince O’Grady to fully disclose the politically corrupt nature of those grants.

Source: Michael Pascoe: Morrison confirms election tactics of lie, deny and deflect