Text-gate fallout: Hannity, Ingraham and Don Jr. unveiled as whiny MAGA wimps! | Salon.com

Donald Trump Jr, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

In a Democracy there is a common day to day reality with which we all accept and work,agree and disagree in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. Good bad or ugly one might disagree with the result at any one time but not the process. One can try to push that interpretation hard and to the edge but the fundamental agreement remains in place and that’s Democracy. In a Democracy both sides accept the possibility of compramise and a negotiated loss while moving forward. However today that no longer holds as far as the Republicans are concerned and we saw that on the 6th of Jan yet the Democrats keep going as if nothing has changed and that the political system isn’t broken beacuse to do otherwise is to accept war. However the Democracy is broken because the chaos has spilt beyond politics and has polluted all accepted institutions behaviors and cultural beliefs, reality shattered. Power is in the hands of the rule breakers and until arrested chaos will reign. There can’t be a one party Democracy.

There was a catalyst and when Murdoch arrived and and tipped over America’s world with alternative facts he polluted the Fourth Estate and turned it against the nation along with the wealth of 0,01% that wanted to control it. If the British had Murdoch there’d have been no independance or brave experiment.

As for the grifters and weasels and toadies of Fox News, and as for his own first-begotten son, Trump now knows what he has always suspected: They sucked up to him for all the usual reasons — money, power, fame and another personal advantage — but were never true believers. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth! Fundamentally, those whiny MAGA hangers-on and wannabes were still tethered to the world of Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper, where there were still norms and standards and a shared sense of bottom-line reality, where it was still possible to go “too far” and where the horrified reactions of polite and normal people in the coastal cities still mattered. They can never possibly eat enough crow — or enough of something else, also a word of four letters — to fully make up for this betrayal.

Source: Text-gate fallout: Hannity, Ingraham and Don Jr. unveiled as whiny MAGA wimps! | Salon.com

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