Tim Wilson is getting hysterical – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Wilson, is part of the past 30 years and a glimpse of the future of our most taxing government. Wilson thrashes about trying to convince us Labour is what the LNP has always been and Labor never was. Wilson was groomed by the very secretive IPA whose fake cover is that of an ” independent research think tank”. Which is meant to convey some intellectual prowess proves to be little more than an attention-seeking bully, government and public influencer. They’re the ideal Party thugs in the mold of Abbott, and Dutton. The new generation of clones that haven’t progressed a historic inch.

He goes on to tell us that “The media fundamentally got the last election wrong because they underestimated what issues move votes. They missed the nearly one million retirees who risked losing a third of their income overnight because of Labor’s retiree tax.” Seriously? Excess franking credit refunds are more important than action on climate change? Throughout his article – eight times in fact – Wilson uses the term so-called “independents”. He thrashes around trying everything he can to discredit and invalidate them. And then he finishes by saying they “will do far more damage to Labor and the Greens than Liberals at the ballot box.” So why are you so worried, Tim?

Source: Tim Wilson is getting hysterical – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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