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Fortunately for the rest of us, some are actively making meaningful change to mitigate the imminent (based on the research of scientists) climate catastrophe. A regional bus company in Queensland is moving it’s 120 vehicle diesel bus fleet which, the owners claim [annually] consumed more than a million litres of fuel and produced 3,100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. to a fleet powered by green hydrogen which they will produce themselves using solar power and rainwater. The real irony of this is the bus fleet is located in Emerald – one of the the principal service communities for the ‘Coalfields’ in Central Queensland. The same ‘Coalfields’ that Senator Canavan claims to represent. Somebody’s making it up – and it’s unlikely to be the people investing capital to reduce emissions in their own business. When was the last time a Coalition government actually acted to validate the country’s public opinion rather than those of vested interests?

Source: The Coalition Vs Public Opinion – » The Australian Independent Media Network