Liberal or Labor, News Corp will back the winning team

This reads as a very uninformed puff piece on News Corp and Sky’s strategy as ” influencers and churnalists”, they are more than just wannabe lap dogs, much more and worse. As far back as Gough Whitlam Murdoch realized his business model was reliant on where the money came from and that was not from Labor. His investment money spent between elections was seen as a necessary expense to insure and modernise where the advertising dollars flowed every three or four years depending on the country. Yes, elections here have always been his tri-annual influencer’s payout for media and he has always wanted  the bulk of what was spent. Labor had X5-10 times less money spent on political promotion than the LNP, who had the direct backing of donors, the IPA, and the likes of Clive, Hanson and other sattelite right-wingers. So Murdoch isn’t about to even seem to change horses to attract a lesser payout. His business model is American and it dictates he won’t change too randomly. When Abbott was losing in Warringah News Corp was tossing the Teleraph over fences gratis.

Thus, it’s not hard to imagine that if the polls stay trending thusly or if new scandals emerge around Morrison’s remaining frontbench, that a few more generous pieces about Albanese will start to get published. Perhaps some editorials will explain how Labor had learned the lessons of the disastrous Rudd/Gillard/Shorten years and that they’ve abandoned their nutty leftism and are finally behaving like economically-responsible grown-ups. Whatever threadbare excuse they use to justify switching their support, it’ll be a placeholder for “because they’re going to win and we want to make them think we were responsible for that”. And when that happens, it’ll be all over bar the belligerent Morrisonian shouting — not because News anoints our leader, but because the team at News are masters of jumping on the winning horse and pretending to have been riding it all along.

Source: Liberal or Labor, News Corp will back the winning team