As vaccines and boosters show incredible results, Tucker Carlson declares the COVID-19 vaccines a failure | Media Matters for America


Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers were successfully prosecuted for misinformation after enormous effort. They weren’t prosecuted for producing Oxy which is still available. However their false advertising managed to lead to the unwanted deaths of 500M people isn’t. How is it the Murdoch’s are free to peddle their totally harmful bullshit on vaccinations making America one of the planet’s least vaccinated OECD countries and assisting in 700M deaths?

Giselle Maxwell is currently being prosecuted for assisting Epstein in child molestation,abuse and human trfficking. Julian Assange on the other hand has been hounded for a decade for allowing truth to be released and published. Surely the Murdoch’s and Tucker Carlson deserve to be prosecuted for assisting in the deaths of millions of people. They certainly don’t practice what they preach at News Corp.

Oxy hasn’t been removed from the market place neither should news or information, but misinformation is sinking the nation and a yardstick needs to be set for it’s abuse.

Carlson’s claim that the campaign to vaccinate Americans against COVID-19, and thus prevent deaths, is a “failure” is a conclusion that can be reached only if you ignore every shred of relevant information and consider instead just the fictionalized vision of the vaccine that exists on Fox News. Carlson has dedicated an extraordinary amount of airtime not just to lying about and undercutting COVID-19 vaccination efforts, but also to attacking vaccines as a whole. To name just a few recent examples: Earlier this month, Carlson hosted notorious anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to tell viewers that vaccines are one of the “key suspects” behind a rise in cases of autism. During the interview Carlson asked, “Will any thinking person ever trust vaccines again?” Carlson has repeatedly claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing Americans and called it the “single deadliest mass vaccination event in modern history.” Frequent Carlson guest and COVID-19 truther Alex Berenson told Carlson’s viewers that “there’s just no evidence that the vaccines halt infection or transmission in any way.” Even though Fox has its own incredibly strict vaccination and testing policy for staff,

Source: As vaccines and boosters show incredible results, Tucker Carlson declares the COVID-19 vaccines a failure | Media Matters for America

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