Morrison Government notches up 40 ‘worst on record’ economic outcomes

Morrison says the LNP are the best economic managers and that’s no lie. Well the facts prove otherwise.

Today we heard him say that his government has instituted more changes than any other to deal with bullying and sexual abuse in the work place. When you bunjee jump and publicly take the LNP to the lowest state ever in the history of the parliament any changes made could be considered the “most” ever. However the historic record public humiliation still shows the Morrison government the worst. So much so the changes were in fact slow and forced on him by the victims and not really any SNAGs male or female in the LNP ministry or Scott Morrison himself. How clear was he whe he said he wasn’t going out to speak to the protesting women. He was too busy. Compared with the ALP the Morrison LNP remains lower in the eyes of the public than any other time in history. Victims sacked, mocked and gone while the perpertrators merely slapped on the wrist praised and then promoted.

I’ve just finished watching Dopesick about the Sacklers,their Pharmaceutical Company, Oxycontin and how they managed to avoid prosecution for years by applying the same token strategies as Morrison. Who like the Sacklers was found  praising himself for some nominal changes while continuing to carry on down the same road. Morrison has the ad-mans confidence but he certainly lacks any real leadership skills.

Recent economic data brings the tally of failures in economic management by Prime Minister Morrison and Treasurer Frydenberg to 40, as Alan Austin documents. WORLD BANK DATA shows the value of manufacturing in Australia as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) was 13.83% when that dataset began in 1990. It stayed above 12% until 1999, when a decline began. This fell to an all-time low of 5.64% in 2019, six years after the Coalition was elected on promises to ‘re-invigorate manufacturing industry’. The 2020 level was 5.72%, the second-lowest ever. The Australian Sovereign Capability Alliance reports that Australia now has the lowest manufacturing self-sufficiency of any country in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Source: Morrison Government notches up 40 ‘worst on record’ economic outcomes

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