The Only Value Left For ‘Values Voters’ Is White Christian Identity | Crooks and Liars

The Only Value Left For 'Values Voters' Is White Christian Identity

It’s why Mini T- Morrison gets the support from the Australian Christian minority for a Bill that’s really a mandate against LGBTQIs. It’s no coincidence that it came immediately after 75% of Australians voted for Marriage Equality and liberated a minority of us from hundreds of years of oppression.

That’s why Donald Trump became their hero. Rubin writes: In this context, White evangelical Christians’ attraction to the thrice-married philanderer Trump is understandable, as is their support for the cruelest immigration policies (e.g., child separation) and the anti-Muslim travel ban. It’s all about race and religious identity, not policies founded in Christian values and certainly not about finding a role model for civic virtues. Trump was determined to protect White evangelicals against people of color and the decline in Christian identification; that was all they could hope for in a politician. For these voters, government is a means of enforcing (they would say “preserving”) domination of Whites and Christianity as essential to America’s identity. That’s why they support politicians who demonize Black Lives Matter, demand that corporations meekly accept voter suppression, express outrage over a publisher’s decision about Dr. Seuss titles or fixate on saying “Merry Christmas.” It’s also why insurrectionists marauded through the Capitol on Jan. 6 bearing Confederate flags and wearing T-shirts mocking the Holocaust. They keep telling us who they are and what they want

Source: The Only Value Left For ‘Values Voters’ Is White Christian Identity | Crooks and Liars

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