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Sword rattler, Minister of Defence Peter Dutton is regarded as Australia’s worst-ever Minister of Health vying for the same title when Immigration Minister with Scott Morrison and possibly Kevin Andrews.  Here he appears to want to sound like our leading drum beater. However, Dutton really is the Tin Man,a heartless rusted politician, but unlike the one in The Wizard of Oz, he doesn’t seem to want a heart just ticker. He’s the Squakus in today’s AUKUS with America and China cooperating on coal reduction and releasing strategic oil reserves to battle inflation. How much oil is the LNP releasing to lower our price? Did America release our oil? The oil we paid America to store for the war Dutton is rushing to preparing for?

In this, the Taiwan fetish becomes a Cold War iteration in the haunted, twisted imagination of certain policy makers, from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute to the war drummers in the Morrison government. Nonsense flows easily when abstractions and hypotheticals can be passed around with such ease. Sweetly and pathetically, Australian politicians are again reminding us that blood lust, especially from those who have the least reason to fight, remains unquenchable.

Source: The Taiwan Foreign Policy Fetish – » The Australian Independent Media Network