Scott Morrison takes “don’t-do government” to a whole new level – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison has been part of a didn’t -do government for 8 years . A government that simply rearranged the deckchairs on the SS LNP leadership over the past 8 years. During the LNP’s 8 year reign the only Australian lives to have improved are those with inherited wealth, corporations and a credit rating sufficient to take out investment loans. Money handed out by the LNP has been  largely to lage businesses and corporations and has poured back into the shares and and inflated housing merry go round. Tax minimisation and liquidation are now reflected in the booming accounting industry.  This nation was the 2nd best global economy during the GFC Australians had a soft landing when Abbott’s LNP was running around yelling the “sky was falling in”. They were elected out of fear and the nation sank from 2013 onwards. Health, Education Housing and Jobs casualised went down faster  nuclear subs, and haven’t risen again. ScaMo is leader and Australia’s image globally has gone from envy to Morrison’s new cry of “where the fuck are you “. A repeat of the historical bingle that saw him sacked from tourism. We have from good neighbour to a colony again that’s redefined and modernised “blackbirding” again. To importing really unwanted Pacific labor because no white OECD, EU immigrants are queuing to come to the new AUKUS military base in the Pacific..

Scotty’s don’t-do government hasn’t given a Voice to Indigenous people. It hasn’t given us a federal corruption watchdog. It hasn’t addressed housing affordability or the increasing number of Australians living in poverty. In fact, they are campaigning on being a government who is not going to legislate anything and are going to leave everything up to the market and consumers to make the right choices (with the obvious fossil fuel support carve-out). No wonder they keep spending hundreds of billions on war toys. They haven’t got anything else to do.ScaMo

Source: Scott Morrison takes “don’t-do government” to a whole new level – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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