Andrew Bolt says Alan Jones’ poetic departure not cancel culture as Sky finds ‘room for Piers Morgan’ | Amanda Meade | The Guardian

Alan Jones

It’s always about the money and Jones at 80 no longer warranted the cost.

Culture has little or nothing to do with Sky before or after dark, they are paid influencers and are selling a product. Selling a product “subscribers” to Foxtel boosted by overseas financing as they are failing to impress here in Australia alone. Andrew Bolt is certainly not doing the heavy work he’s simply the organ grinders monkey. Murdoch has Americanised Australian politics and modelled Sky on Fox News USA. However the pool in Australia is much smaller than it is in America.

So staff they employ tend to be on the last legs of their careers and have few places to go. Bolt’s been Murdoch’s monkey for some 30+ years with a distaste for journalism he represents the past, certainly not the future. Like Jones Bolt has seen better days not  because he was ever talent but rather there to be trained. He was the over zealous a loyal corporate leech. The tic too frightened to try himself out anywhere else. He’s fed off the Murdochian teat his whole career. Whenever he did try a little independence he failed to shine. Kicked off 2GB we saw him set up his own weekly podcast dragging his poor son Dom into his “I’m the master of my own universe”. The Andrew Bolt self-produced podcast that lasted 5 episodes. His blog sold as as “Australia’s most read political blog” now gets undated posts as often a every 2 months and here he is  telling us his culture isn’t being cancelled. Andrew Bolt sure as hell is and soon he will be to. Because Andrew Bolt isn’t Piers Morgan just as Scott Morrison isn’t Biden, Macron or Johnson or even a sideshow attraction in the Murdoch global tent. He was merely a temporaryin non profit backwater a fillin, a stop gap in a bygone era. Look closely you could always see the cobwebs on Bolt who for 20 years told us the planet was “cooling” “Science was a religion” and “White Australia was the Right Australia”

When News Corp unveiled plans for Piers Morgan to headline an international prime time talk show we flippantly said “Move over Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Peta Credlin – there is a new conservative loudmouth in town”. Sadly, for one of these Australian conservative loudmouths at least, our prediction appears to have come true.

Source: Andrew Bolt says Alan Jones’ poetic departure not cancel culture as Sky finds ‘room for Piers Morgan’ | Amanda Meade | The Guardian