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Morrison also suggested “publicly” that it was the American Administration that was “incompetent” after President Biden said the treatment of France in the AUKUS matter had been “clumsy”. We saw no email leaks refuting him did we? Morrison has a well-documented history of never saying sorry and yelling “look over there” when the shit hits the fan. Or simply saying ” I don’t agree  I’m done with this” and leaving others to deal with his mess. Nuclear subs are dangerous weapons they say. Will they cost Morrison his job? The certainly have brought about an unwanted focus.

The Morrison government has also taken to the distasteful practice of selective leaking in bolstering its quicksand position, a tactic which further suggests a diminution of an already less than impressive political office. A prodding text from Macron to Morrison sent two days prior to the AUKUS announcement and the cancellation of the contract involved a query as to whether good or bad news could be expected about the French submarines. The vulgar insinuation here is that Macron supposedly had an inkling that something was afoot from the Australian side, which hardly counts as fully informed awareness. Naturally, Morrison’s response is not noted. The Elysée further denies suggestions that Canberra made several warning efforts regarding the AUKUS announcement.

Source: Lies, Lies and Nuclear Submarines – » The Australian Independent Media Network