Morrison Government humiliates Australia at G20

Substitute “faith” or “god” for wherever, and the number of times Morrison says “Plan”, and you find yourself listening to a religious zealot and not a Prime Minister. There is no substance only a promise of a Morrison Miracle coming. You only need be a true believer. He’s more a Trump with MAGA becoming “The Australian Way” and at worst a QAnon totally backed Murdoch prepared liar’s PR package prepared months beforehand saying we were never Climate Change deniers.

More amusing and light relief is that Australia’s Trump even has his own Rudy Giuliani backing him. It’s Deputy Barnaby Joyce whose running around by trying to get in on the act and bring the French President Emmanual Macron down  saying. ” Mate its only a contract get over it. It’s just a commercial contract for christ sake”. We all supposed to know they have no real or moral standing in Australia. So mate sue us!! After all he signed an $80mill one with Angus’s mates and got nothing for it.

As Prime Minister Scott Morrison met world leaders in Rome on Saturday, he represented a country a shadow of its former self. Alan Austin reports. THE CONTRAST could hardly be more glaring. A decade ago, Australia was the greatest country on the planet. Today, Australia is the stand-out loser — on climate policy, on economic outcomes, on corruption, on military procurement, on infrastructure, on democracy and on good global citizenship. Collapse in economic performance

Source: Morrison Government humiliates Australia at G20

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