The Fatal Flaw in Donald Trump’s Claims of Executive Privilege | Washington Monthly

Delay and threat have always been Trump’s strategy never right, wrong or justice. Simply what it is he can gain and seem a winner. It’s been the same since puberty. As long as he could outlast paying fully for the negative consequences of his actions till his inevitable death he’d be somewhat satisfied,and he’s paid and not paid others to assist to do that to date. So is that a “Fatal Flaw” that he really doesn’t care about his legacy? Only that he can continue to outlast and avoid the consequences of his actions now and see what he can  continue to get away with now? Fame and noteriety his sufficient reward. Yes, its always only been about the ratings.

As we have seen before, the purpose of litigation by Trump and his associates in resisting congressional oversight seems to lie more in the capacity for delay than in the hope of legal vindication. Delay might be the inevitable by-product of Trump’s litigation strategy now. Ultimately, however, Congress should get hold of the documentation it seeks concerning Trump’s involvement in the events of January 6. As Trump—aided and abetted by his acolytes—persists in purveying his election fraud lies, fidelity to the Constitution requires that Congress and the public get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about January 6.

Source: The Fatal Flaw in Donald Trump’s Claims of Executive Privilege | Washington Monthly

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