The people versus Scott Morrison

Billboard mocks Morrison as Australia prepares for COP26

A frustrated voting public is becoming increasingly louder against the Government’s lack of climate policy and endless incompetence, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson.

“There’s little point in relying on the Labor opposition to deal with this on our behalf. As Ilic noted in an interview with CNN, we have to lead because we have no leaders.

We do have power, other than at the voting booth. We have our voices. We have social media platforms on which to use them. We can’t all do billboards or organise marches, but we can support those who are willing to take on these tasks. Morrison has revealed, inadvertently, that it is in fact our voices he most fears, because if enough of our voices consistently criticise, humiliate and refuse him, he will not hold onto power. Forget the opposition. It’s down to us.”

Source: The people versus Scott Morrison

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