Government may try forcing Facebook to identify anonymous users

facebook news ban

Does that mean “journalists” at Ch9 and Murdoch media who use anonimity to boost the LNP will need to reveal their sources or identify themselves? They are so often unidentified when smearing Dan Andrews or suggesting IBAC is the corrupt body? Will Peter Costello or Rupert Murdoch be declared a “publisher” and forced to reveal their hidden sources or be treated like Julian Assange. It seems Joyce and Morrison are trying to sleepwalk Australia to fascism. It wasn’t so long ago these assholes were defending Andrew Bolt’s right to to be a media racist to “free speech” and the abolition of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The RDA and the UNHCR were the rogue bodies not so long ago. Now it ICAC according to Morrison and Joyce and history teachers according to Tudge. All it takes is a language, flip turn reality into “alternative facts” or the ” big lie” Climate Science becomes a Religion according to Andrew Bolt,  White Racism into Black Replacement, BLM turns White and Women’s Rights into male persecution. The do nothing LNP have merely imported Trump’s “alternative facts” when we hear Angus Taylor tell us “Net zero doesn’t mean no carbon emissions”

The federal government may try to force Facebook to gather more identification information on their users and hand it to authorities if asked, as part of Scott Morrison’s latest square-up to the social media giants. It potentially opens the door for the government to consider a controversial plan for Australians to provide 100 points of identification to keep their social media accounts – a suggestion that privacy advocates condemned. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce last week suggested that Facebook and Twitter could be treated as publishers under Australian law.

Source: Government may try forcing Facebook to identify anonymous users