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Tony Abbott’s global reach, his pride, influence, and want for a better word a knighthood mirrors his moral position that runs counter to that of his Pope who he simply ignores, disrespects, and doesn’t believe is his Catholic leader. Abbott’s legacy now stretches across the English-speaking world and will shame Australia and our history for years to come for his inhumane influence on Trump and now the UK when it comes down to the desperation of those seeking asylum or in danger at sea.

The (UK ) Bill came into being despite warnings from various Australian lawyers, doctors and former civil servants that their country’s refugee model was hardly the sort of thing that should inspire imitations. In the view of Australian Greens Senator Nick McKim and Benali Hamdache of the UK Green Party, the “New Plan for Immigration imports all the worst parts of the Australian government policy.” This includes the possible establishment of offshore processing (read detention) centres to places ranging from Rwanda to the Isle of Man and the creation of a temporary protection scheme. The Bill takes the battering ram to a range of maritime practices, proposing to criminalise the practice of offering voluntary assistance at sea by targeting “those assisting persons to arrive in the UK without a valid clearance.” That good Samaritan service provided by such bodies as the Royal Lifeboat Institution, which has been accused of being a “migrant taxi service” by its detractors, promises to be roped in.

Source: Britannia Turns Back the Boats – » The Australian Independent Media Network