Frydenberg dubiously claims Australia’s lagging economy ‘leads the pack’

Australia’s economic growth is at a 30-year low relative to comparable countries, yet the Treasurer claims it is now a world leader. Alan Austin reports.

LAST WEEK’S economic growth figures confirm three realities the Morrison Government desperately wants concealed.

First, that economic outcomes are far below where they should be given global conditions and the relatively well-controlled pandemic, except in NSW.

Second, that the Morrison Government is clearly the worst at economic management in Australia’s post-war history. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has achieved the poorest outcomes of any post-war treasurer.

Third, that Australia’s craven mainstream media continue to treat citizens with contempt by reporting these appalling outcomes deceptively – if at all – and refusing to expose the Government’s blatant lies.


Source: Frydenberg dubiously claims Australia’s lagging economy ‘leads the pack’