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The spiv with the shiv celebrates the third anniversary of his defining perfidy “Scott was in it from the word go.” Herr Schickltuber on the political assassination of Malcolm Turnbull. A piffler of modest abilities and questionable achievements who wanted to be PM, his only valid claim to the Prime Ministership was that he’s not Peter Dutton. A unctuous quibbler for whom a glib catchphrase passes for uplifting rhetoric, who goes on and on and on like a one-ended stick with utterances that are not so much Winston Churchill as Kuta beach kiosk t-shirt – “How good is Bali?”, “I’ll sunburn for you”, “If ya wanna go on the jet-ski you’ll get a go on the jet-ski.” Listening to Scooter attempt inspiring oratory is like watching a 3 year old draw a horse.

Source: Happy anniversary, ScoMo – » The Australian Independent Media Network