Taliban in Afghanistan: Joe Biden says 11,000 flown from Kabul over weekend

People evacuated from Kabul arrive at Hindon Air force base near New Delhi, India on Sunday. Their flight carried 168 people, according to an Indian government spokesman.

Australia organised four flights out of Kabul last night and more than 300 people were evacuated. This brings the total to eight flights, in the middle of what Mr Morrison said was a “chaotic” situation. “What we are simply doing right now is getting as many people out safely, with the proper checks being done both on the airfield itself and as well as back in the Emirates, to ensure we are doing the right thing in terms of Australia’s national security interests, but also the right thing by humanitarian interests,” Morrison said. Which is what he virtually said when “stopping the boat” and that amounted to as little as possible. Morrison described it a “massive acceleration” for Morrison. “April to ensure we were massively accelerating how we were getting people processed to get them out of the country,” he said. However, he said many people were wise “in hindsight”.

Washington: US President Joe Biden says 11,000 individuals were evacuated from Kabul over the weekend and he remains committed to assisting all Americans who want to leave Afghanistan get out. Biden added Sunday that his first priority is getting American citizens out of Afghanistan “as quickly and safely as possible.”

Source: Taliban in Afghanistan: Joe Biden says 11,000 flown from Kabul over weekend

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