Trump praised Hitler’s “economic miracle” — and that’s even worse than it sounds |

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

In April 1933, for instance, less than three months after Hitler was appointed chancellor, the Nazis passed the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which excluded Jews from civil service jobs. That same month, the Nazis passed legislation to reduce Jewish enrollments in schools and universities and restrict Jews’ options for practicing law and medicine. Within a few months, the Nazis put strict legal limits on Jewish professionals’ ability to work with state or state-regulated entities. The list of suffocating professional restrictions only grew over the next few years, extending to the media, the military, education, business ownership and beyond. Advertisement: Of course, removing one person from a job to replace them with another doesn’t reduce the number of people out of work. So to accomplish their goal of reducing the unemployment rate, the Nazis redefined who counted as “German” and who qualified as “unemployed.” Under the new laws, a non-Jewish German man without a job could be officially counted as “unemployed” (women were also legislated out of the job market). After 1933, he could increasingly count on the Nazis to help find him a job — often ba

Source: Trump praised Hitler’s “economic miracle” — and that’s even worse than it sounds |

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