African-Australian youths tell of prejudice and stereotyping

This is Australia

Racial profiling for many is part of their daily life, say Australians of African background, particularly for young men. Media reports highlighting young offenders of African appearance has impacted many young peoples’ ability to be in public spaces with the ease that most Australians would not think to question. Joseph Wan, 25, was born to an Ethiopian mother and Sudanese father in a Kenyan refugee camp and moved with his family to Melbourne in 2004. He is about to graduate with a nursing degree and has been offered graduate nursing jobs. Mr Wan is also pursuing a career in acting has appeared in TV shows such as Neighbours and Mad As Hell. Despite these successes, it’s the daily activities of shopping or taking public transport that make him unsure about his prospects in this country. “I avoid going to the shops a lot because of the general aspect of being profiled,” he said, recalling how security guards single him out.

Source: African-Australian youths tell of prejudice and stereotyping

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