Would you punt the house to restore your name?

Defamation threats can stifle robust debate.

Over the years, empty legal threats would rain down like confetti. The largest number came from Peter Dutton, who took a special interest in everything I said about him. The ABC managers developed “Dutton fatigue”. No doubt the relentless pressure was designed to make me cool my jets, to be more cautious in my commentary about the combative ex-policeman from Queensland. At one exasperated stage I told my manager I wanted to start my own proceedings against the minister alleging he defamed me for claiming I was defaming him when plainly I was not. I argued that it was defamatory to accuse a professional broadcaster of defamation for no reason, as the inference was that I was reckless or incompetent, derelict in my obligations to my employer, in breach of the ABC charter and someone the audience could not trust.

Source: Would you punt the house to restore your name?

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