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(Disclaimer: This blog is written without monetary compensation. It is usually written in haste, and though I proofread, that too is often done in haste. Typos get overlooked. There is no editor to see what I sometimes don’t see until after I press “send.” Bear with me. Or don’t. I don’t have to write these things, and you surely don’t have to read them. We’re all volunteers here. Why any of us does what we do can be a mystery even to ourselves, but it’s just weird that those of you keep returning to read my stuff though it’s clear you don’t like my opinions or the way I express them. But we’re all pilgrims on this path. If, however, you are among those who actually agree or like something or other I write, please share it with people you might know who might be interested, or maybe even need to hear an opinion that differs from their own. I ask this because I was just released from Facebook jail after doing 30 days of hard time, ratted out by sneaky people in the sneakiest of way, accusing me of “hate” and “bullying” until our Facebook overseers decided I needed to be punished. Again. Given the snitches, and the apparent inability of Facebook cops to understand either hatred or b

Source: Ye Olde Opinion Vendor | The Smirking Chimp

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