Truth-telling paves the way to a brighter future

Aunty Geraldine Atkinson of the First Peoples’ Assembly with acting Premier James Merlino and (right) Marcus Stewart at the launch of the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission earlier this year.

The commission will bring the good, the bad and the ugly; imperatives that will help us identify who we are and importantly, where we are going. My hopes? That truth-telling will move to restore Indigenous culture and identity and empower Indigenous people to take control of their future; financially, economically and socially. If we are to measure ourselves in terms of our maturity as a society, then mature societies own the entire history. We don’t get to pick the bits we like, we must own the lot. The fact that Victoria has stepped up to the mark to do this, by way of the commission, shows a level of maturity that other jurisdictions must move towards.

Source: Truth-telling paves the way to a brighter future