Vaccine rollout: Government’s promises fact-checked, clarified

Scott Morrison got the Pfizer vaccine. Millions are still waiting for theirs.




To reach the government’s biggest goal of giving every Australian at least one shot of the two-dose vaccine by October, somewhere in the region of 140,000 to 190,000 shots will have to be administered every day from now.

Far from being “front of the queue” for vaccines, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said last year, Australia’s rollout started later and is running slower than many comparable nations.

Mr Morrison protests that Australia’s rollout is going better than Germany, Japan and South Korea were at the same stage; health department secretary Brendan Murphy says plans are “going well”.

Under pressure from political opponents and medical experts over shifting vaccination figures, Mr Morrison stressed “circumstances change”, claiming it was “unwise” to expect a level of certainty.

But with deadlines missed and current targets looking shaky, let’s check back in on what the federal government had spruiked, and how those are going.

Source: Vaccine rollout: Government’s promises fact-checked, clarified