Donald Trump Twitter ban: Josh Frydenberg ‘uncomfortable’

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says he is ‘uncomfortable’ with Twitter’s decision to ban US President Donald Trump. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Andrew Henshaw

Frydenberg, McCormack, Kelly and even Morrison shame our nation. They believe inciting encouraging and promoting sedition, violence, and insurrection is simply allowable and to prevent it a matter of “suppression of free speech”. Rest assured they don’t practice what they preach at home in the workplace or other of their social and cultural situations. Swearing like drunken sailors isn’t tolerated in their homes. Do they seriously listen to what they are saying? All readily condemning whistleblowers and journalists, so much so, that they demand we maintain and even strengthen the laws that prosecute them are (ODT)appropriate. They don’t speak up for Julian Assange who the American government wants to put away for 174 years. Not so poor old Don the victim of Twitter.( ODT)

Senior government ministers have lashed Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump as multiple social media giants removed the outgoing US President from their platforms.

Donald Trump Twitter ban: Josh Frydenberg ‘uncomfortable’

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