Trump digs in on cut from TikTok deal – World –

America Inc Trump’s Corporate government demanding a Mafia Commission. Trump’s “Free Trade by Extortion”

United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday repeated his demand for a piece of the action from any sale of TikTok’s US operations for forcing such a deal. Trump’s line on the US government’s receiving a cut from any deal has been slammed by critics from the outset. TikTok has been at the center of a diplomatic storm between Washington and Beijing, and Trump gave a deadline for an end to business with TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance-effectively compelling a sale of the app to a US company. “Well, I told them that they have until September 15th to make a deal; after that, we close it up in this country,” Trump told journalists. “And I said that the United States has to be compensated-well compensated-because we are the ones that are making it possible, and so we should be compensated.”

Trump digs in on cut from TikTok deal – World –

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