Morrison’s China decree reeks of rash decision-making

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis

Morrison’s efforts to impress Trump is causing our chaos and his confusion and a lack of direction. He’s always tended to be a follower rather than a decisive leader a boat without a rudder and he seems to believe Trump is the answer. Canberra is now increasingly revealing itself to be what it has always been a Government in opposition. Working for themselves and not Australia. Frydenberg’s already “blaming” his economic failures on Victoria. The deaths encountered however have and will continue to be from the Commonwealth’s aged-care sector (ODT)

Ever got into a car and found a little way into the journey that the driver isn’t sure of the destination? Scott Morrison predictably won plaudits for his latest assault on China via new legislation that will empower him to cancel or veto agreements between state entities and foreign government organisations. China might be our biggest trading partner, but it is thoroughly on the nose in much of Canberra.

Morrison’s China decree reeks of rash decision-making

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