‘What have I done wrong?’: students falsely reported over terrorism


Identity Politics of the worst kind. Australians being watched some defitinely are in a campaign of political fear started by the LNP and institutionalised. The student was named  the teacher protected (ODT)

In NSW, staff have been trained to spot students at risk, and provided with guidelines for antisocial and extremist behaviour. In the ACT, teachers must report all suspicious student behaviour to a hotline, where information is relayed to police.

Dr Susie Latham, an adjunct post-doctoral fellow at Curtin University who lives in Melbourne, said it was impossible to run neutral programs in a society with rampant levels of Islamophobia.

She has researched a similar program in the UK which mandates that public sector workers, including teachers, report suspicious behaviour.

“Children have been reported for using common arabic phrases, wearing Islamic clothing, receiving toy guns from their parents and one 4-year-old was reported for drawing a cooker bomb that was later found to be a cucumber.”

*name has been changed to protect the student’s identity

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